Good Times

Live Music: Great Tunes By Local Bands

Main Stage 20:00

Vivian is a four-member band from Broumov in East Bohemia, who base their work on Czech texts and fall in the genre of pop-rock with elements of electronica. During their tenure they managed to win several talent competitions, such as Skutečná liga and Šance Muzikus, have appeared at many leading festivals and released two studio albums. In recent years, they have also released several singles and video clips, played countless concerts, and one of their specialties is that they organize a summer camp tour every year where they meets their fans. Join Vivian and their fans at the BBQ+RIB Festival for what is sure to be a fantastic party!

Main Stage 18:00

Take sweet vocals, wild saxophone, pour in some guitar harmony and spice it up with rhythms that aren't afraid to experiment. That's how you get Shock'o'late, an energetic and imaginative funk-pop band full of tasty flavor. Shock'o'late has been operating in various states for it's eighth straight year, playing awesome original music. Put on your dancing shoes and come find out what menu the band Shock'o'late has prepared for you at the BBQ+RIB Festival in September!

Program and schedule subject to change.

Performances: Entertainment for Everyone

SDH Firefighter Demonstration
Open Area 13:00-16:00

The volunteer fire department (SDH) is a general designation for a volunteer fire department and at the same time part of the name of most specific volunteer fire departments. In addition to extinguishing fires, intervening in floods and other natural disasters, ecological accidents, help with traffic accidents and other extraordinary events, it also contributes to the prevention of fires and the prevention of other similar undesirable events. We look forward to demonstrating some of our equipment with you at the BBQ+RIB Festival!

Falconry Show
Open Area 12:30

Falconia is a company made for upholding the falconry tradition, founded in 2011. Our goal is to represent the Falconry club, to proudly reflect its history and to be a part in the propagation of falconry in our country as well as in the world. We are a union of people who admire falconry in its original form which means the The art of a hunt, mostly horseback. Our members are mostly seasoned falconers and keeping, maintaining and performing with the animals is a daily bred for them. We cooperate with many towns and castles on their historical projects and our specialized services are used not only by actual noble families, but also establishments all over the Europe, be it banks or other important institutions. You can see us perform in September at the BBQ+RIB Festival!

Program and schedule subject to change.

Activities: Fun stuff during the day

Globus Cooking Classes
‍‍Open Area 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00


TUkas Fun & Games
‍‍Open Area All Day


RiseKite Fun & Games
Open Area All Day


Program and schedule subject to change.


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